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About RKMP

The Rice Knowledge management Portal (RKMP), a flagship initiative under National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) has been envisaged to enable rice workers across the country to create, manage and share scientific, technology-related and market-related information for the benefit of the rice as a sector. This portal is being developed by the Directorate of Rice Research, Hyderabad with eight of its consortium partners. It is expected that better flow of rice knowledge and information through a single gateway viz., RKMP would contribute to the overall rice development in the country.

Rice is the major cereal crop grown in about 44.6 million hectares in the country. India represents all kinds of diversity under which rice is grown across the globe. No other crop is as versatile as rice. Rice crop is interwoven in the cultural, social and economic life of millions of Indian and it holds the key for food and nutritional security of the country. Rice production scenario in the country during the past decade presents a gloomy picture of compound growth rate of just 1.7 per cent. To meet a production target of 125 Mt by 2025, all inclusive of food requirement, seed for cultivation, storage in buffer stock and a share for exports, productivity in irrigated area needs to be enhanced by 1.5 tons/ha and in rainfed lowlands by about 1 ton/ha. A careful SWOT analysis presented in vision 2025 document of DRR revealed that there is an opportunity for bridging the yield gap by improving the access to the rice knowledge. Given the burgeoning task of further enhancing the production and productivity of rice, the existing information sharing mechanisms appear to be insufficient.

For instance, India, which has the second largest number of extension workers in the world (110,000), of which majority are working in the rice regions. Their job role is under transformation, farmers are beginning to set extension priorities at the district and block levels. Providing continuous knowledge support to this number of extension workers requires a 24X7 support service, and this could be possible only through building a knowledge management portal on rice.

In this backdrop, it is proposed to develop and maintain Rice Knowledge Management Portal to strengthen research, extension, farmers, and private subsystems, partnerships and networks, for the better flow of rice knowledge and information contributing to the overall rice development in the country. Building and launching a Rice Knowledge Management Portal will directly contribute towards the vision of promoting the knowledge as an essential component in bringing about sustainable rice development. It also helps in building the comprehensive digital content related to rice, improving access to textual, graphical, audio, video and bibliographic information for the use of millions of rice farmers, community of scientists, line department personnel, developmental professionals, key players in public and private sector, export houses, students, trainers, market forces, millers and general public.

A Knowledge Management Portal will enable millions of rice workers located in various parts of the country to be effective and efficient in collecting, organizing, summarizing, analyzing and synthesizing the rice knowledge helping in better decision making.
Concept : Dr. Shaik N Meera (Senior Scientist & CPI)      Copyright © 2010-2012 by DRR Hyderabad. All Rights Reserved.