Yield Losses Due to Weeds

In India, the losses caused by weeds exceed the losses from any other category of agricultural pests like insects, nematodes, diseases, rodents, etc. Of the total annual loss of agricultural produce from various pests in India, weeds account for highest economic losses (Table- la). The yield losses due to weeds in different systems of rice cultivation range from 15-90% (Table - 1b). Yield losses in other crops range from 6 to 87 per cent.

Weed control is costly, why?

  • the type of weed flora
  • methods of field preparation and water management.
  • increased amounts of nutrients.
  • poor tillage practices
  • inadequate crop stand
  • delay in inter-culture operations
  • poor water management
  • rice and succeeding dry land crops are grown in diverse agro-climatic conditions, consequently, resulting in complex weed flora